Marketing Career Quiz

Are you suited to a career in marketing?

Take the 20 question Marketing Career Quiz to find out.

All multiple choice questions and it only takes five minutes to complete.

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1. Do you enjoy playing with puzzles, solving problems and lateral thinking games?
2. In your academic studies to date or in your current workplace, do you like studying topics and answering questions that have one right answer, or do you prefer ambiguity where there could be multiple correct approaches to the question?
3. Have you started your own business – even on a part-time basis – or are you interested in owning your own business in future?
4. Do you have ambitions to be the CEO of a medium or large size company later in your career?
5. How well do you interrelate with people?
6. Would you consider yourself to be a persuasive person?
7. How well do you handle criticism?
8. How confident are you were dealing with numbers and perhaps spreadsheets?
9. In terms of your preferred working environment in the future, would you prefer flexibility or stability?
10. How important is social status to you as a result of your professional occupation?
11. What is your attitude to the “details" of a particular task or project?
12. Would you describe yourself as patient or inpatient?
13. Are you someone that can see trends and see where things are heading?
14. What was your approach to science in school – theory or practical or simply bored by it?
15. What is the main purpose, in your opinion, what somebody working in a marketing role in a company?
16. How well do you handle pressure?
17. How often would you watch a business show on TV or the Internet?
18. Would you describe yourself as more like Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak (the two founders of Apple computers)?
19. Are you a creative person – in what way are you creative?
20. Do you consider yourself pragmatic and practical, or more ideas–based?