Difference between a benefit and a feature


Understanding Benefits and Features

Consumers buy product solutions – that is, the benefits of the product or service – for their need/problem.

Consumers are generally more interested in meeting their needs and solving their problems, rather than the details of the product features.

product features create benefits
Product features create benefits
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For example, what do you think consumers would care about more; whether there is an “Intel inside” (the product feature), or how fast their new laptop load and play videos for them (a benefit).

Benefits are directly linked to product features. A product feature has been designed (in most cases) to provide some element of value (that is, benefit) to the end-consumer. Therefore, as marketers, our goal is to communicate clearly what the potential consumer will gain from purchasing our firm’s products.

In promotional communications, it is important to communicate benefits – not features!

What you need to know about benefits and features

  • The overall product design and the product’s individual features create benefits for consumers
  • Consumers don’t necessarily care about the actual product features – they just want the benefits (a solution for their needs)
  • Additional product features should be added provided they add a benefit for consumers that they see value in OR
  • Additional product features should be added if they help to differentiate the product more effectively
  • Packaging and other forms of communication should work to highlight the benefits for the consumer
  • The key benefits communicated will form the central part of the product’s positioning in the marketplace

Examples of the difference between a benefit and a feature

To better understand the distinction between benefits and features, let’s directly compare them in the following examples.

 Product = Ready-made fruit salad

Product FeatureAssociated Product Benefit
Includes an array of different fruitsChoice of delightful tastes and textures
Cut into small piecesEasy-to eat, bite-size pieces
Fresh, not cannedAll natural and healthy
Served in a plastic container with a forkEasy to eat anywhere
They are served chilledAlways cool and refreshing


 Product = An inflatable trampoline that floats (a Swimming Pool Toy)

Product FeatureAssociated Product Benefit
Enables jumping, diving, and gamesFun for the whole family
Weight capacity of 100kgSafe for adult use
Electric inflation pump includedEasy, quick and automatic inflation
Repair kit includedWill last a long time
Available in black, red, or yellowChoice of attractive colors


 Product = A Pet Walking Service

Product FeatureAssociated Product Benefit
Available in most areasClose and convenient
We will pick and return your pet – and there’s no need for you to be home at the timeFull service at any time, super convenient
Walks range from 30 to 90 minute durationTailored to suit your dog’s fitness level
Maximum six dogs per walkMeeting your dog’s social needs
All our dog walkers are animal loversResponsible staff that will care for your dog
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