What is a benefit?

Defining benefits in marketing terms

In marketing, the word benefit refers to some advantage or positive outcome for the consumer. That is, the consumer is better off due to the purchase/consumption of the product.

product features create benefits
Product features create benefits
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Products are designed to solve problems or meet needs of consumers. Therefore, an appropriate product design should deliver a series of benefits for consumers, as outlined in this diagram.

As you can see, consumer benefits stem from the addition of individual product features, as well as the overall product design.

As an example, consider the Apple iPhone. It has many features included such as a camera, sound, touch screen, and so on. However, many consumers are also attracted by the overall look, style, functionality and user interface of the phone.

It goes without saying that the more benefits perceived by the consumer, the more likely they are to see value in that particular product. This is because with the perceived benefits, the consumer is more likely to consider that these benefits exceed the cost of acquisition.

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