List of Business Strength and Market Attractiveness Factors

Need a list of Business Strength and Market Attractiveness Factors to use in the GE-McKinsey multi-factor matrix?

To make it easy to design and produce the GE matrix, an Excel template is available for free download on this website.

This Excel template has been pre-populated with the following list of possible BUSINESS STRENGTHS:

  • Brand equity
  • Market share
  • Customer loyalty
  • Innovation + R&D
  • Product differentiation
  • Logistics/production expertise
  • Channel relationships
  • Strategic alliances
  • Strategic/marketing expertise
  • Strong capital + cash flows
  • Big data access + usage
  • Patents, proprietary software

And other possible ideas for BUSINESS STRENGTHS include:

  • Highly adaptive
  • Extent of automated systems
  • Number/strength of patents
  • Customer data
  • Economies of scale
  • Profit margins
  • Cost structure
  • Staff skills and expertise
  • Overall value proposition
  • Customer Relationship Management programs
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Broad product range
  • Product differentiation
  • Product leadership
  • Global reach
  • Number of locations/stores
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Strategic alliances
  • Bargaining power with retailers
  • Bargaining power with suppliers
  • First-mover advantage

This Excel template has been pre-populated with the following list of possible MARKET ATTRACTIVENESS factors:

  • Market size
  • Profit margins
  • Market growth rate
  • Competitive rivalry (if high, give low score)
  • Threat of new competition (if high, give low score)
  • Threat of disruption (if high, give low score)
  • Capital cost to enter (high = good barrier)
  • Technology/R+D costs (high = good barrier)
  • Innovation required (high = good barrier)
  • Power of channel partners (if high, give low score)
  • Macroenvironment change (if high, give low score)
  • Government regulation (high = good barrier)

And other possible ideas for MARKET ATTRACTIVENESS include:

  • Possibilities for economies of scale
  • Customer loyalty levels
  • Customer switching behavior
  • Degree of price in-elasticity
  • Degree of price stability
  • Options for acquisition
  • Threat from shared-economy services
  • Degree of online shopping
  • Environmental issues
  • Extent/power of stakeholders
  • Economic risk
  • Government risk
  • Shifts in technology
  • Market stability

free Excel template for the GE-McKinsey matrix

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