Scoring key for the marketing career quiz

Well done on completing the 20 questions in the marketing career quiz. You should have totaled your answers with A = 1 point, B = 2 points, C = 3 points and have a total score of somewhere between 20 and 60.

Remember to take the quiz first

If you haven’t done the marketing career quiz as yet, click here to start the quiz.

If you have completed the quiz

If you have already completed the quiz and worked out your score, then scroll down to see whether or not you as a suited to a career in marketing.

If you scored 20 to 35 points

I would suggest that a marketing career is probably not for you. Given the way you have responded to these questions, it is likely that you will find a marketing career quite frustrating and not well suited to your particular work preferences.

It is important, when choosing your career, to try and match your skill sets to the particular work function – that is, “play to your strengths”. And it appears, from the marketing career quiz that “your strengths” probably sit in another business discipline.

If you scored 36 to 50 points

In the range you are probably suited to some marketing roles and you should carefully consider what area of marketing where you will focus your career. Depending upon how you answer some of the individual questions, you will probably have greater career success in some marketing disciplines and be quite frustrated by other areas of marketing.

To explore what function of marketing may be more suitable you in your career, please see the article on marketing career choices. Or you can review the article on what a marketer does, as well as the article on whether a marketing career is for you.

If you scored 51 points or more

To achieve this score you would have answered option C (worth 3 points) many of the questions. This indicates that you are highly suited to a career in marketing. Your work preferences, interests and abilities are a good match for what would be required to achieve career success in a marketing role.

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