Different Execution of a Communication Message


What is meant by “execution” in an advertising sense?

In advertising and communication programs, one of the challenges is to execute a good creative idea.

Marketing students sometimes have difficultly understanding how an idea may or may not be executed well.

This is because, in theory, once a creative campaign has been planned out, its execution should be relatively straightforward.

However, subtle differences in sets, colors, sounds, voice, tone, gestures, people, acting, clothing, camera angle, and so on – and these minor differences will aggregate to create a different perception in the mind of the consumer.

The next two videos are a good example of this concept. They are the same – that is, they direct position credit unions against banks (the first video is discussed more in this article in terms of its positioning goals) – BUT they have been produced by different advertising agencies using different actors.

I have shown these two videos side-by-side in marketing lectures to illustrate how two “identical” videos/advertisements may end up being perceived differently by the target audience, due to the subtle changes listed above.

As you review these two videos, consider the following factors:

  • Which actors are more likeable?
  • Which version more clearly communicates the message?
  • Which one is more believable?
  • And therefore, which one has been better executed?
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