Service firm examples


When you study services marketing at University, you will learn that there are some unique challenges that service firms and industries face.

That is why the services marketing mix has been extended from 4 P’s to the 7 P’s.

A good way to start your understanding of services marketing is to get a good sense of what type of firms and industries are classified as service firms.


Service firm examples

The following is a list of examples of service firms and industries:

Education sector – universities, colleges, tutoring schools, corporate trainers

Childcare services – from formal establishments to babysitters

Accommodation services – such as hotels, motels and backpacker hostels

Associated travel services – such as travel agents and tour providers

All forms of transport services – airlines, taxis, buses, trains and so on

Personal services – such as hairdressers, beauticians and related services

Fitness centers – including personal trainers and services like dieticians

Retailers are another example of a service firm – with all types of retailers being considered a service firms – please see the article on why a retailer is considered a service firm

Wholesalers and logistics – the distribution channels partners, the physical products are also providing a service of transportation and storage

Restaurants and take-away food – any food vendors whether food is ready to eat would be considered the service provider

Banking services – which would include stockbroking, financial planning and investment advice as well
The insurance industry is another example of the service provider – both property insurers (car and house) and life insurance providers

Telecommunications services – such as phone services and Internet providers

Another example of services include events and entertainment – such as the Olympics, concerts, movies, sporting events, theater, and so on

Home service providers – such as cleaners and gardeners

Tradespeople – which would include plumbers, electricians and various contractors

Hire services – where consumers can hire cars, tools, storage facilities and so on

All types of professional services, including legal, accounting and consulting

Medical services – doctors, hospitals, dentists, related medical services, and so on

Various agents such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers

Other professionals – such as engineers, interior decorators, designers, and so on
And websites are also an example of a service firm

Broad scope of services

As you can see there is an enormous variety of service providers, probably much broader than you would find in the manufacturing sector. That is one of the challenges learning services marketing concepts – that there are many types of different service firms.

Hopefully the above list of service firm examples is helpful in getting started in your study and practice of services marketing.

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