Example SWOT for Apple

This example SWOT was generated using the SWOT analysis Excel template that you can download for free on this website.

SWOT Analysis for Apple

  • Product leadership
  • High quality products
  • Easy-to-use products
  • Superior product design
  • Effective new product development process
  • Ability to leap-frog competitor’s technology
  • Highly innovative
  • IT/software expertise
  • High profit margins
  • Solid financial reserves
  • Good corporate culture
  • High quality staff
  • Strong R&D expertise and team
  • Strong brand equity
  • Consumer “love” for the brand
  • Perceived as the market leader
  • Strong share-of-customer
  • Global coverage and reach
  • Successful international expansion
  • Good bargaining power with suppliers
  • Product-centric strategy
  • Limited product range
  • Many product gaps
  • Reliance on a single brand
  • Many emerging new entrants
  • Strong existing competitors
  • Use capital to invest in new ventures
  • Add more product line extensions
  • Broaden our product range to offer multiple price points
  • Extend our brand into new areas (brand extension)
  • Leap-frog competitor’s technology
  • Increase margins for our patent-protected products
  • Increase our corporate social responsibility image
  • Aggressively challenge new players
  • Product piracy
  • Government de/regulation
  • Economic downturn
  • Many emerging new entrants
  • Industry price-war
  • Competitors targeting our product gaps
  • Competitors introducing break-through new products
  • Inability to grow the customer base long-term
  • New products cannibalizing our existing sales
  • Changes in consumer spending patterns


SWOT Analysis for Apple


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