Free SWOT Maker (Using Excel)

The Free SWOT Excel Template has been Updated Again

What’s new in the SWOT template?

As well as choosing from around 600 possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – you now have the opportunity to add in your own  factors to include in your SWOT.

This enhanced capability is ideal for specific industries and markets, where unusual strengths or weaknesses, and/or opportunities and threats exist, that are not listed in the initial 600 possible SWOT factors in the Excel file.

Free Download for the SWOT Excel Template

Click here to download the SWOT analysis template… free-SWOT-maker-Excel-template-2020

This link will open as an Excel spreadsheet and is ready to use.

The spreadsheet is easy to use, but you can follow these video instructions for more information.

There are some SWOT pre-set examples available on this website which you can find to the search button above.

VIDEO instructions on how to use the free SWOT analysis Excel template

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