Examples of brand touchpoints for Apple


The following is a list of possible brand touchpoints for Apple. Brand touchpoints are a key aspect of understanding the customer journey and creating a customer journey map. In recent years, Apple has become one of the strongest brands in the world.

Understanding brand touch points and customer journey mapping a helpful techniques to understand how Apple’s brand equity grew tremendously in recent years.

Examples of brand touchpoints for Apple

Ownership brand touchpoints examples

  • Owning an Apple product – such as an iPod or iPhone or iPad
  • Using Apple iTunes
  • Using an Apple product at school or at University

Observation brand touchpoints examples

  • Having a family member or friend owning an Apple product
  • Seeing characters use Apple products on TV or in movies
  • Being aware of celebrities who utilize Apple products
  • Reading the book about Steve Jobs or seeing the associated movie

Word-of-mouth brand touchpoints examples

  • Having a family member or friend discuss/recommend the Apple brand
  • Reading of the Apple brand by other consumers on social media and/or on YouTube

Retailer brand touchpoints examples

  • Visiting the Apple Store is another brand touchpoint
  • Exposure to any store that sells Apple products – such as electronics stores and approved Apple resellers
  • Reading any media stories – either mainstream media, or from bloggers – about Apple

Advertising/communications brand touchpoints examples

  • Exposure to any form of Apple advertising
  • Exposure to any in-store promotional material for Apple products
  • Exposure to any competitive advertising where they may compare themselves to Apple – such as Samsung advertising
  • Visiting the Apple website
  • Visiting any Apple social media pages

Personal selling brand touchpoints examples

  • Discussing Apple products with a retail salesperson – either in an official Apple store or at an independent retailer
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