Free Excel template download of the BCG matrix

Free Excel template for the BCG matrix

There are two free Excel templates that make the BCG matrix available for download on this website.

The first download is suitable when you have relatively precise information on market shares and market growth rates and want to input these numbers. This BCG matrix Excel template download is available here…

a_free_BCG_matrix_template (when you have market share information)

The second download is suitable when you don’t have the exact market share or market growth information, but you have a good idea of how you want the BCG matrix to look.

This second BCG matrix Excel template is available for download here…

make_the_BCG_matrix (when you do not have market share information)

Examples of each BCG matrix Excel template

The free BCG matrix template – version 1

bcg matrix for apple

In the first free download above, the BCG matrix template requires the input of market share information, market growth rates, and even an estimated size of the portfolio. The type of output BCG matrix would be as shown here.

As you can see, the actual market growth rates and relatives of market shares as shown on a scale basis – and the size of the circles reflect the revenues of each of these products.


The make the BCG matrix template – version 2

bcg matrix for supermarkets

As you can see in this second BCG matrix template, there are no axes provided with numbers. This template is suitable to use when you have a good idea of how to design your BCG matrix, but you don’t have exact information on market shares of growth rates – and this template allows you to simply design the BCG matrix to your needs.

I would suggest that the first version of the BCG matrix template is more suited to firms and consultants, whereas the second version of the free template is more suited to students of strategy and marketing.

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There are two videos available on this website and on YouTube that discussed how to use the BCG matrix – along with a video of how to construct the BCG matrix on Excel from a blank worksheet.

If you have any questions regarding the free Excel template for the BCG matrix, please contact me at [email protected]