Free PESTLE Analysis Template

About PESTLE Analysis in Marketing

PESTLE analysis is designed to summarize the situational analysis of the macro-environment scan. Clear understanding of the overall environment is necessary to ensure the construction of a suitable and effective marketing strategy.

PESTLE helps you identify where the marketplace is heading, so that you can develop a strategy based upon the emerging (not the current) market conditions. This approach will give your business a competitive advantage in the market.

No doubt you have been required to produce a PESTLE (or similar) analysis for your workplace or for your assignment tasks. And you know that this is a timely exercise.

So, in order to speed up the PESTLE analysis process, I have developed this handy tool.

Download the Free PESTLE Analysis Excel Tool

Download the Pestle Analysis template here… free-PESTLE-maker-Excel-template

About the PESTLE Maker Tool

As you will see, you simply pick and choose from a of 400 potential factors, as follows:

  • Political factors = choice of 60 factors
  • Economic factors = choice of 60 factors
  • Social factors = choice of 90 factors
  • Technology factors = choice of 70 factors
  • Legal factors = choice of 70 factors
  • Environment factors = choice of 50 factors
  • Plus you can reword the pre-set factors or add your own

Video on How to Use the Pestle Analysis Template

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