Age Cohorts and Gen Edge

When studying consumer behavior and/or the marketing environment, the concept of age cohorts is often discussed within the marketing textbook.

Age cohorts of very large groups of populations that were born in the same time – usually within the same 10 or 20 year period. The broad thinking is that they are somewhat influenced in their approach to life and consumption based upon their “shared experiences”.

Although nowhere near as effective as a more detailed market segmentation approach – age cohorts can provide a general understanding of how the mindsets of these consumers may work and how they can be broadly influenced.

In other words, age cohorts can provide a general understanding of the market. Probably the most commonly known age cohort is the “baby boomer”, but as this group approaches its retirement, other and younger age cohorts become more important.

The following is an excerpt from an excellent article from the advertising age that discusses the key characteristics of “Gen Edge”, that I would recommend for further research.

Gen Edge.”Who are they? And how do we talk to this group?

The first question is far simpler to answer than the second. Those of us who track consumer culture are still in the midst of studying Gen Edge’s social behaviors.

Here’s what we know for certain. Also called Gen Z, they’re the children of Gen Xers, and are approaching their 20s. By some estimates they account for as much as 25% the American population. And, they are more diverse than any other age group to date, representing a blend of races.

What we don’t know is how drastically Gen Edge will evolve the consumer-brand relationship, increasingly impacted by technology.

Source: How to Market to a Misunderstood Demographic — ‘Gen Edge’ | Agency News: Viewpoint – Advertising Age

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