Sample SWOT for a Hotel Chain

SWOT Ideas for a Hotel Chain

Strengths for a Hotel Chain

Access to a customer database
High service levels
Effective sales and service culture
High quality staff
Clear value proposition
Effective CRM program
Great customer experience delivered
High levels of customer satisfaction
Strong net promoter scores
Unique product features
Attractive store design/layout
Proven track-record of performance
Able to charge a price premium
Positive attitudes to the brand
Strong brand equity
High ratings on review websites
Lots of social media likes/followers
Strong relationships with online “influencers”
Good outsourcing partnerships
Significant barriers to entry to the market

Weaknesses for a Hotel Chain

High cost structure
Mixed quality staff
Product-centric strategy
Reliance on a single brand
Broad competitive set
Strong existing competitors

Opportunities for a Hotel Chain

Data mining of our customer  database
Further develop our sales/service team
Use cross-functional teams to streamline processes
Work to generate cost efficiencies
Attract new customers through special offers
Build stronger customer relationships
Develop and implement a CRM program
Improve the overall customer experience
Map out and target the steps in the customer journey
Build relationships with influencers
Expand our number of stores/outlets
Acquire a competitor’s successful brand
Build online engagement with our brand
Charge a greater price premium
Advertise on online comparison websites
Creating more engaging social media content
Work closer with key channel partners
Use environmental issues to reduce our cost structure

Threats for a Hotel Chain

Inflexible internal processes
Changes in consumer spending patterns
Consumers becoming more demanding
Significant change in consumer behavior
Becoming overly price competitive
Being too ethnocentric
Expensive CRM program
Increased media fragmentation
Key competitors gaining market share
Aggressive price cutting
Competitors providing more “value add”
Competitors targeting our key customers/segments
Declining economic conditions
Terrorism and impact

Summary SWOT Analysis for a Hotel Chain

SWOT analysis for a Hotel Chain

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