What is a brand touchpoint?

Customer journey mapping is techniques that relies upon identifying and sequencing the touchpoints (exposures and interactions) that consumers (potential customers) and actual customers have with the brand.

Therefore, as a simple definition for what is a brand touchpoint? A brand touchpoint can be considered as any interaction or exposure that a consumer has with a brand. See the full list of potential brand touchpoints.

Brand touchpoints vary from direct brand communications (e.g. advertising) to the observation of other consumers with the brand, to contact in retail settings, to actual usage, to free samples and so on.

The range of brand touchpoints are generally quite broad in scope and are often unnoticed by consumers, particularly in the passive phase of their customer journey.

The essence of brand touchpoints is that over time these brand exposures and interactions will have an accumulated impact on the consumer – initially through passive learning and then more active learning as the consumer becomes activated and motivated to purchase.

To help understand what is a brand touchpoint there is a list of brand touchpoint examples discussed elsewhere on this website, as well as an article that lists possible brand touchpoints for Apple.

Example Customer Journey Map

Example output of the Customer Journey Map Excel Template

The above customer journey map was produced through a free Excel template that is available for download on this site.

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