The Elimination-by-Aspects Decision Rule

The elimination-by-aspects decision rule is a non-compensatory approach to decision-making for consumers. This decision rule works much like a knock-out competition. A consumer will work through the product attributes being considered one by one – starting with the most important product attribute to them.

The Affect Referral Rule

The affect referral decision rule is considered a non-compensatory approach to decision-making for consumers. However, it is quite unique from the other non-compensatory decision rules in that it does NOT rely upon the evaluation of individual product attributes

Free Customer Journey Map Excel Template

About the Customer Journey Map Template This free customer journey map template is designed to quickly and easily build relatively detailed maps for multiple brand personas. Customer journey maps are an effective way of identifying how potential customers make their way to your brand and ultimately become loyal advocates. Download the free template here… customer-journey-map-Excel-template … Read more…

Hierarchy of effects model

Hierarchy of effects This is a marketing model designed to demonstrate how a consumer transitions from being unaware of a brand, to forming attitudes and understanding of that brand, to ultimately becoming an end customer. There are many versions of this hierarchy of effects model found in textbooks, but let’s start with a very basic … Read more…