Overview of the Product Life Cycle (PLC)

Product life cycle = stages of “life”

The product life cycle (PLC) is a very common concept across all marketing textbooks. From the words “life cycle”, you should see the connection between a product and a biological life. Just as … Read more...

The Maturity Phase of the PLC

Following the period of growth, a market will reach the maturity stage of its product life cycle. This means that there is limited growth – usually in line with the economy – left in the market. Sales have maximized and … Read more...

Top 100 Brands in the World

Brand equity is a financial valuation of the firm’s brand contribution to profit.

Most brand equity valuation firms – such as Millward Brown (as discussed in the link below) – look at brand equity on economic use basis.

So what


Brand name selection

Selecting a brand name

One of the key decisions when bringing a new product to market, particularly if it is going to be under the umbrella of a new brand, is the brand name selection.

There are two approaches to …

What is a brand?

Definition of a brand

A brand can be defined as a name, sign, logo, or design of a product/ service or a firm designed to identify ownership and to differentiate the offering in the marketplace.

What are brand elements?

Most …

The role of packaging

Packaging decisions in marketing

When we think of packaging, we tend to think about packaging’s role of being recognized and attracting attention inside a store. While this is a key goal of packaging, there are actually many other goals of … Read more...

Product line length

What is a product line?

A product line can be defined as a set of products offered by a company that are similar in function and benefit. These sets of products are also usually sold through the same distribution … Read more...

Product augmentation examples

A key opportunity to differentiate a product in the marketplace is by augmenting the product. This principle as highlighted in the product levels model of marketing, which highlights that a product should be considered on the basis of the following … Read more...