Some SWOT Analysis Ideas for a Cruise Line

Cruise Line SWOT Analysis Examples

The cruising sector in recent years as consumers have started to appreciate the advantages of cruising, as well as the increase in quality of facilities and infrastructure onboard the ships.

Here are some possible ideas for a SWOT analysis for a cruise line – remember to pick and choose the ones that are relevant to your particular brand, alternatively you can use the free SWOT Excel template available on this website.

Possible Cruise Line Strengths

Able to charge a price premium
Lots of key locations
Global coverage and reach
Customer-centric strategy
Clearly differentiated products
Great customer experience delivered
Clear value proposition
Clear segments targeted effectively
High service levels
Access to a customer database
Significant barriers to entry to the market
Limited emerging new entrants
Good outsourcing partnerships
Success with online comparison websites
Success in creating engaging online content
Strong social media engagement
Strong relationships with online “influencers”
Strong international brand
Strong brand consistency
Positive attitudes to the brand

Possible Cruise Line Weaknesses

Cannot access emerging market segments
Imitative product design
Targeting price elastic markets
High level of customer turnover
High staff turnover
High cost structure
Fluctuating cash flows
Resistance to change
Poor service levels
A high-cost logistics system
Strong existing competitors
Many substitute competitive products
Dynamic competitive landscape
Broad competitive set
No real relationships with online “influencers”
Reliance on a single brand
Perceived as a me-too player
Limited market appeal
Up and down track-record of results
Product-centric strategy

Possible Cruise Line Opportunities

Broaden  our product range to offer multiple price points
Map out and target the steps in the customer journey
Develop and target clear brand personas
Develop and implement a CRM program
Pursue greater economies of scale
Recruit more high quality staff
Develop a customer relationship culture
Streamline our internal processes
Leap-frog competitor’s technology
Data mining of our customer  database
Government subsidies/incentives
Acquire key competitors
Expand our number of channels
Target review websites for better ratings
Position our brand as the market leader
Increase our corporate social responsibility image
Build our brand internationally
Compete less on price
Build relationships with influencers
Broaden our geographic reach

Possible Cruise Line Threats

Ongoing weak social media engagement
Increased market fragmentation
Being too ethnocentric
New products cannibalizing our existing sales
Decline stage of the product life cycle
Consumers becoming more demanding
Changes in consumer spending patterns
Increased operating/technology costs
High staff turnover
Being leap-frogged by competitor’s technology
Unpredictable trends and disruption
Terrorism and impact
Oil/energy costs
Foreign exchange risk
New international competitors emerging
Industry price-war
Competitors providing more “value add”
Negative attitudes to the brand
Weakening value proposition
Poor ratings on review websites

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