Product cannibalization in the ATAR forecast

Product cannibalization in the ATAR forecast

Product cannibalization is when the firm’s new product “wins” a proportion of its sales (market share) from the firm’s other existing products – that is, the new product “eats away” the market share of … Read more...

Increasing trial rates

What drives trial levels?

There are numerous factors that will impact the percentage of consumers that trial a product, which marketers can influence and drive. Some of the factors to take into account include:

  • Is this a product line extension?

Improving awareness

Because of the nature of the structure of the ATAR forecasting model, the marketing department will become accountable for delivering the various ATAR components if the new product is approved for development and launch.

This means, therefore, if you have …

Benefits of the ATAR forecast model

Why use the ATAR forecasting model for new products?

Obviously there are many ways of approaching a financial forecast. However, the ATAR forecasting model is one that is explicitly designed for marketing purposes. So let’s explore the key advantages and … Read more...

Rebuy/repeat in the ATAR forecast model

Repeat/rebuy in the ATAR forecast

I tend to use the terms repeat purchases or rebuy interchangeably on this website, as they essentially communicate the same intention. Out of the four ATAR components, this one is the most important and the … Read more...

Availability in ATAR Forecasts

Availability in the ATAR forecasting model

Availability refers to the extent that the new product is available to consumers through retailers, various direct channels and online.

Put simply, it is a measure of the ability of consumers to purchase the … Read more...

Trial in the ATAR Forecast

The T in the ATAR forecasting model stands for trial.

What is a trial?

A trial in marketing terms may mean slightly different things at times; therefore we need to clarify what is a suitable input into the ATAR model.… Read more...