Awareness in the ATAR Model

Understanding Awareness in ATAR

The starting point of the ATAR forecasting model is A = Awareness.

This is a measure of what proportion (percentage) of consumers (or other buying units) will become aware of the product – whether or not … Read more...

Buying Units in the ATAR Forecast Model

What is a “buying unit” in the ATAR forecasting model?

The starting point in the ATAR forecast is the number of buying units, which is sometimes a misunderstood term.

Unfortunately, some marketing students confuse the term “buying units” with “sales … Read more...

ATAR Formula

The ATAR Forecasting Model Formula

The ATAR forecasting model is generally used to help marketers forecast sales volumes, sales revenue and profit contribution – primarily for new products, but it can essentially be used for any marketing campaign or project.… Read more...

When to use market share

When to use market share?

The market share metric is relevant in the following circumstances:

  • reasonably accurate information of most/all key competitors sales is available,
  • the firm has a good understanding of the scope of its market/s and
  • the competitive

Reasons to use marketing metrics

TOP-LEVEL reasons we want to measure marketing performance

Performance/experience reasons

The first set of reasons to use marketing metrics is to increase the skill level and experience of the marketing team.

To understand what works

The field of marketing is …

Share of hearts

Hierarchy of effects model and share of minds and share of hearts

There are numerous hierarchy of effects models that are covered in marketing literature. Probably the most common one was developed in 1961 and is a six stage model … Read more...