SWOT Analysis Example for a Coffee Shop

Example SWOT for a Small, Local Coffee Store Chain

Possible Strengths for a Coffee Shop

High service levels
Effective sales and service culture
Good corporate culture
Highly motivated staff
Team-based culture
Clear value proposition
Close to the customer
Effective niche marketer
High share of target markets
Strong net promoter scores
Strong share-of-customer
High quality products
Attractive store design/layout
Customer-centric strategy
Able to charge a price premium
Consumer “love” for the brand
Positive attitudes to the brand
High ratings on review websites

Possible Weaknesses for a Coffee Shop

Limited access to marketplace data
Reliance on manual systems
Difficult to access to capital and funding
Weak financial reserves
Limited market share
Difficult to generate publicity
Limited sales area coverage
Reliant on one main channel
Low brand awareness
Limited social media success
No company app
Static website
Weak bargaining power with suppliers
Broad competitive set
Cost disadvantage
Low barriers to entry to the market
Many substitute competitive products
Strong existing competitors

Possible Opportunities for a Coffee Shop

Develop a customer relationship culture
Develop an innovation culture
Increase margins across-the-board
Attract new customers through special offers
Build stronger customer relationships
Develop and implement a loyalty program
Grow customer loyalty/retention
Improve the overall customer experience
Add increased product augmentation
Add more product line extensions
Broaden  our product range to target new segments
Broaden our geographic reach
Expand our number of stores/outlets
Build our brand awareness
Create/build “consumer love” for our brand
Pursue co-branding opportunities
Develop relationships with online “influencers”
Introduce an app
Move to a franchisee model
Demand for home delivery services

Possible Threats for a Coffee Shop

Ability to meet cash flow requirements
Limited profit levels
Consumers becoming more price sensitive
Poor ratings on review websites
Increase in supplier costs
Weak bargaining power abused by suppliers
Being under-priced by more efficient competitors
Competitors providing more “value add”
Competitors targeting our key customers/segments
More aggressive competitor behavior

SWOT ANALYSIS Summary For a Coffee Shop (Image)

example SWOT for a Coffee Shop