SWOT Ideas for a Large Bank

Banking SWOT Analysis Example

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In addition, you should note that this banking SWOT analysis was generated using the free  SWOT analysis Excel template (read more or review the video at the bottom of this page) that you can download for free on this website below.

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Example SWOT Analysis for a Large Bank

Quick Introduction: Assumptions and Logic Behind the Banking SWOT

This SWOT has been developed with the logical and fair assumption that larger banks have natural economic and customer base advantages in the marketplace, as compared to their smaller competitors.

However, as we know, in strength there is also weakness which means that large banks also have challenging marketing environments to deal with and are more likely to suffer from strategic rigidity and internal silos.

Here are some thoughts starters for preparing a SWOT analysis for a large bank.

SWOT Strengths for a Large Bank

  • Effective CRM program
  • Attracting many new customers
  • Focus on internal marketing
  • Easy access to capital and funding
  • Beneficial economies of scale
  • Valuable customer database information
  • Strong technical expertise
  • IT/software expertise
  • Highly automated systems
  • Effective new product development process
  • Established strategic alliances
  • Digital marketing expertise
  • Strong brand equity
  • Multi-channel success
  • Global coverage and reach
  • Analytical marketing approach
  • Product leadership
  • Broad product range
  • Strong market share
  • Good understanding of the customer journey
  • Developed positive customer experiences
  • Advanced use of marketing automation
  • Use and development of AI tools

SWOT Weaknesses for a Large Bank

  • Product-centric strategy
  • Marketing myopia
  • Fluctuating marketing success
  • Not overly close to the customer
  • Not meeting changing consumer needs
  • Low levels of customer satisfaction
  • Declining net promoter scores
  • Silo-based culture
  • Inflexible staff structure
  • Resistance to change
  • Interest rate management
  • Poor service levels
  • Many emerging new entrants
  • Losing acquisition opportunities to key competitors
  • Dynamic competitive landscape
  • Broad competitive set
  • Significant channel conflict
  • Poorly regarded in the industry
  • Seen as having a inconsistent brand
  • Seen as being disinterested in corporate social responsibility
  • No consumer connection to the brand
  • Many negative attitudes to the brand
  • Poor NPS scores

SWOT Opportunities for a Large Bank

  • Broaden  our product range to target new segments
  • Shift to a customer-centric marketing outlook
  • More effectively manage customer expectations
  • Develop and target clear brand personas
  • Shift from silos to a team-based culture
  • Develop an innovation culture
  • Use automation to improve performance
  • Leverage our big data
  • Data mining of our customer  database
  • Become a first-mover in an emerging markets
  • Lobby the government for improved legislation
  • Introduce new, modern technology and/or systems
  • Become a disruptive innovator
  • Aggressively challenge new players
  • Improve overall social media engagement
  • Increase our corporate social responsibility image
  • Improve attitudes towards our brand
  • Leverage our market insights
  • Expand our number of stores/outlets
  • Develop break-through new products

SWOT Threats for a Large Bank

  • Growing cost of technology
  • Excessive cost of big data
  • New products cannibalizing our existing sales
  • Reaching market saturation
  • A disconnected, and less loyal, customer base
  • Increased operating/technology costs
  • Limited internal marketing
  • Interest rate fluctuations
  • International exchange rates
  • Enterprise bargaining issues
  • Being too slow to adapt to change
  • Online fraud
  • Scams and phishing
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Breach of data/privacy issues
  • Disruptive new competitors
  • Competitors providing more “value add”
  • Being challenged by well-funded start-ups
  • Emerging FinTechs
  • Changing consumer behavior and lifestyles
  • Negative attitudes to the brand
  • Limited corporate social responsibility brand image
  • Poor publicity in the media
  • Limited success in creating engaging content
  • Negative influencer comments

Video on How to Use the Free SWOT Analysis Excel Template – So You Can Design Your Own Banking SWOT

Visual SWOT Analysis for a Large Bank

Note: This output was produced by the free SWOT Excel template – available for immediate download at the top of this page.

SWOT analysis for a Large Bank

Quick Overview: What is SWOT Analysis? (A Marketing Perspective)

SWOT analysis is a tool designed to evaluates an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to identify and construct a marketing strategy.

For marketers, usually the central elements of the SWOT is the intersection of STRENGTHS and OPPORTUNITIES . This is because, as marketers, we are seeking to leverage our competitive advantage/s into new areas of growth and opportunity.

Our strengths are the INTERNAL components of the organization that provide it with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In terms of marketing, we are typically looking for strengths in the areas of:

  • Brand equity and loyalty
  • Customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Product positioning
  • Product quality
  • Product range
  • Locations/channel advantages
  • Logistics
  • Cost structure (for pricing)
  • Service levels

And then we ideally want to MATCH some of these strengths to opportunities, especially in the areas of:

  • Emerging customer needs and trends
  • New consumer segments
  • Technology development (for new products)
  • New channels (and partners)
  • Marketing automation tools and AI
  • Enhanced customer experience needs
  • Market development and growth
  • Customer relationships and customer lifetime value

NOTE: Obviously, most businesses will also need to consider weaknesses and threats – but the above simplified description is an ideal starting point for marketing strategy development.

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